Drawing and Animation GO!


Hello once again! Wow… 12:24 right now >.<;
Right now I'm trying to get "prepared" for uploading images of model reviews and etc. However, I thought it would be pretty nice if I uploaded the pieces of art I drew. Just for your own entertainment :P.
The pieces of art I primarily draw are manga based. But I can draw other styles of art (if I wanted to…).
Also, animation being one of the things I'm very compassionate about, I will also upload animations. This, however, will not be my primary focus.

Well it seems like you guys will have a lot to look forward to.
See ya laters!!

Yuiitsu-No! Out!


Model Review GO!

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Hey sup everyone. Yuiitsu-No here once again with a new post and a NEW PAGE!

As building models is one of my hobbies, I decided to make a dedicated page to show the models I’ve built.

So far I’ve already built 10 model kits related to Gundam. Because they were already built before I made this site, I will only review their articulation etc. My future models will be reviewed thoroughly, indicating how many runners there are etc.

Hope you enjoy my reviews! There are currently no posts up yet. Keep checking!

PS: None of my models are lined. I don’t have the materials. You WILL SEE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF NUB MARKS DUE TO THE LACK OF RIGHT MATERIALS TO CUT THE PIECES OF THE BRANCHES. My models are not perfect 😛

Enjoy! The link is right HERE. (You can also find the page on the top right corner).


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This is my second post on this website. As you can see, there has been some further improvements. Besides the lack of pages and posts, I will try my best to continue to improve this blog!

Note that I will NOT be posting new events daily.

Even though there may not be much viewers on this blog, I can only hope that there will be some lurkers coming around and about and spread the word :3 More

Hello My Inochi!

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Hello everyone reading my very first post on my blog! I am truly excited to meet new friends with common compassions as I do.
I am editing and typing this website and post (respectively) on my iPhone, so it is terribly difficult. The website will improve in the next couple of days so stay tuned!

Yuiitsu-No, out.